We have enjoyed Bill's designs for the complete renovation of our own home, as well as another residence and a commercial property.  In all

of these cases, Bill listened carefully and came up with solutions that continue to draw admiring comments to this day.  When we first came

to Bill, we had already paid for a set of plans from another designer.  When we saw the thoughtfulness and beauty of Bill's work, we threw

away our old plans.  Bill is our architect of choice, and if you care for insightful, intelligent and enduring design, he will be your choice too.

- Brian & Pam,  Guerneville -

We are simply delighted with our kitchen remodel and ground-level addition.  You transformed our nondescript 1948 house into a handsome

home.  You’ve given us all the additional functionality we sought and did so with a great sense of form and design.  Rather than another

“vanilla box”, our home now has a pleasant flow of smart rooms, punctuated with inviting spaces, cozy niches, and clever window placement. 

Your exterior make-over improved the original lines of our house, respecting and harmonizing with the traditional homes of our

neighborhood.  Thanks for your masterful efforts!

- Pat & Shirley,  San Leandro -

Rusty and I both are extremely happy with what you have done with the design.   We appreciate the nuances you have brought to it and all

of the work that you have put into it.

- John & Rusty,  Berkeley -

We wanted to let you know that the place is looking awesome.  Your sliding "barn" door looks truly amazing.  We'll have the kitchen counter

extension completed in a few days, so we'll see how that looks.  I think we've gilded the lily or turned the sows ear into...... however that


- Paul & Amy,  Oakland -

We wanted to let you know that each contractor that has come here has commented on the thoroughness and detail of your drawings.  They

have been quite impressed with them.  They have also really liked the design/layout that you created for us.  The completeness of the

drawings definitely has decreased the meeting time and will speed up the bidding process.  One of them even said that even if he doesn't

get the job, he's glad that he was able to see such complete drawings and to have gotten your name as a contact.  Thank you so much for all

you time and effort!

- Henry & Kimberly,  Dublin -

Your plans were so good that the county building department only asked me 12 questions, and all I had to do was tell them where to look on

the pages they already had.

- Dale & Jen, Grass Valley -